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2013. 15.1H. Grade Quarter Horse. Gelding.

SOLD for 16k!

Bugsy is a beautiful 9-year-old classic bay gelding, with all the shape and bone you could want on a quarter horse. Check out that conformation – what a hunk he is! In addition to his good looks, Bugsy always has the kindest expression; soft eyes, pleasing disposition, and willingness to work.  From his proficiency in the arena to trail blazin’, Bugsy is so broke and fun to ride - he has more whoa then go, rate-y style off your seat, and has a to-die-for rocking chair lope that you will want to ride for hours! He is my personal fave to grab & go!  Bugsy is thick/wide and very comfortable for those long riding days. He has a good jog, a lovely uphill lope, naturally carrying himself soft in the bridle. He has a great whoa, works 1 handed, neck rein, maneuvers a gate, pivots, side passes, and backs. I mean - this dude is really handy broke!! He will go anywhere you point him and has even been rode downtown thru traffic. The train blared down the tracks, and as I peeked my head around the other side of the trailer where Bugsy was tied up, he was fast asleep with a back leg cocked. He will poke down any trail - ride over any bridge – navigate down ditches – and will cross water with ease! He was a boss on our obstacle course (even with the Halloween decorations) good minded and willing to try them all! He has been used to turn back, work the sale barns on the weekends, and used for light ranching. He is no stranger to checking fences and moving cattle too. You can swing a rope off him, and shows great potential as a rope horse.  He always minds his manners well, is very respectful on the ground, easy to catch, and gets along with other horses well. Bugsy has that good ole ranch horse mentality – he loads/unloads good, and will stand tied to the hitching post all day long. We have desensitized him to the tarp, flag, ball, and ridden him on all sorts of terrain!  I consider him to be a “lazy forward” – meaning, he naturally wants to be lazy but will perk up and happily go any speed you desire all on a loose relaxed rein. On the ground, Bugsy is very quiet and “unbothered” but on occasion can be a touch flinch-y (shys away) if things move quickly around his face. Bugsy is a laid-back gelding, but has some feel when you need him, he is not jiggy/hot, does not look to spook, and is not a horse you have to lunge down before you ride. Grab him from the pasture and go type. Bugsy would make a beautiful western dressage mount or keep him ranchy – use him outside or show him in the ranch versatility classes! We have played around with some liberty work, riding bareback, and even rode him under dressage tack too. He is a gentleman to handle and ride and knows his job well. Absolutely no bad habits or sourness to him. He loves to bond and picked up the "lay down" very quickly too. Someone who likes a “couch like” ride – will well appreciate this gelding! Bugsy has a ton of heart and try - he truly is the epitome of a versatile and patient gelding! Bugsy has a current dental on file, which his age was confirmed. Bugsy has had no health or soundness issues. He is great for the farrier and is wearing regular front shoes now but can go barefoot. He sells with a current coggins.  He is the perfect age/size – all wrapped up in a kind, SOUND, and versatile chromed out gelding! He is kind to other horses in the pasture, stalls easy, and is not aggressive at feeding time. Watch his videos, browse his photos, and reach out if you're interested in adding Bugsy to your herd. I would love to hear from you!

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