BP Center Cross

2012. 14.3H. AQHA. Gelding.


Another classic ranch gelding, just like he popped right out of the television show Yellowstone!   Put your family members on something SAFE and reliable this Holiday season!


“BP Center Cross” or better known around the barn as “Riggz” is a beautiful palomino (possibly a dunalino?) gelding. Standing right at 14.3H, this AQHA 2012 model is the PERFECT family horse! He is Mr. Steady Eddie with no tricks up his sleeve. This is the horse I would choose every single time for my inexperienced guests who want a safe and easy ride. This guy is honest, quiet, “stupid proof”, and is always SO patient/kind. His expression is always so happy and he is eager to please his rider. He has a very affectionate personality, and loves to be groomed.  He will go down any trail on a very loose/relaxed rein as you take in the scenery. You can enjoy his one hand neck rein, and pilot him around with ease! He is responsive off leg cues but does not have too many fancy buttons to get a beginner rider in trouble. Need to grab a gate? Riggz can side pass with ease and you can impress all your friends by maneuvering the gate. Falling behind on the trail – no problem! Riggz could careless if he is back, front, or middle. He is a happy go lucky kinda guy and doesn’t mind if another horse is riding his tail. He is youth suitable as well as grannie safe. From grabbing him out the pasture, handling him on the ground, to riding him under saddle this guy is the same horse day in and day out.  Load him up in the trailer and go ride off property without a worry. He has been exposed to trains, drones, ATVs, dogs, cattle, deer, and other wildlife.  Take him camping all weekend – this guy loves an adventure!  Riggz didn’t quiet make it as a performance horse, but he found his lazy skillset better suited as a trusty trail blazer! Whilst not the fanciest or comfiest Cadillac in the arena, Riggz will always give his best effort. He has zero buck/rear/bolt/spook etc. He lacks the athleticism to really make a nice show /performance mount, and therefore I feel he would be best suited as a family type horse.  Riggz loves the obstacles, he can carry the tarp/flag, and will easily cross water, bridges, and tunnels. The only thing we have noted about this guy is he doesn’t like things covering his face, when we tried to pull the tarp over his face he backed up very quickly.  No issues with standing tied (he ground ties too), clips, bathes, easy to catch in a field, stands quiet for a mounting block, and loads easy.  Riggz just had a recent dental, current coggins, chiropractic adjustment, and feet done. He has great feet ( good angles ) and is shod up front but could go barefoot. He has NO soundness or health issues.  This gelding has the whitest tail I have ever seen on one, he has a beautiful coat and is in shape and ready to go.  Let those guests or kiddos ride in confidence this Holiday season, “Riggz” will take care of his rider each and every time. Located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state.