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Birds Kaylees Shadow

2011. 15.1H. AQHA. Gelding.

$25,000  - SOLD!

Honest, kind, and gentle geldings hold supremacy in my program – and Shadow is the epitome of the kind of horses I want to showcase here on my platform! He is one I am proud to sell, and you will be absolutely tickled to own. If I could order this gelding in every color, I would – but sadly it’s just not that simple. Shadow is THE total package you have been searching for – and might I say he is certainly a handsome one!!

Shadow stands a solid 15.1H, registered with AQHA this 2011 gelding is a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L true blue roan.  The one thing that I love the most about this gelding is his fancy broke handle – pitch those reins away and guide him around with ease. However, he isn’t going to leave you in the dust with fancy-smancy sensitive buttons to get in trouble with– perfect for a beginner rider who is learning the cues or establishing a seat! He has a lovely pitter-patter jog and a comfortable lope that someone could learn on.  If you want a horse you don’t have to lunge, that you can turn out all winter, and bring up in the Spring confidently – you need this gelding. Shadow is reliable, honest, and has absolutely no tricks up his sleeve. No buck, no rear, no bolt! He is a lazier gelding that has more whoa then go – a “push” type ride if you will. He is happy to go any speed you ask—anywhere-- anytime! Shadow has had a ton of professional training – he rides the very best and is one that is actually enjoyable to ride in the arena. You could easily show this gelding in the local circuit western dressage, HUS, ranch pleasure, obstacle challenge, trail etc. Shadow wants to be soft in the bridle, he easily navigates on a loose rein but will also collect into a gorgeous frame. He truly loves to work in the arena + out on the trail and is a huge people pleaser. Shadow side passes, pivots, rates off your seat, and can go bridleless.  Shadow truly sports a “been there done that” “I’ve seen it all” attitude. He is incredibly easy & just a fun gelding to have around!

Shadow rides in traffic, carries the flag, will go out alone or with a group, you can rope/drag a log or calve off him with ease, he isn’t bothered by the tarp or bouncy-ball, and is not easily spooked. He crosses water and never hesitates going over/around any obstacle on the trail. He stands quietly tied, has good ground manners, is easy for the farrier/vet, loads, hauls, and is easy to catch. Shadow stands quiet for mounting/dismounting and adores attention + cookies!   He is not aggressive towards other horses and is respectful at feeding time.  He is good in a stall and happy out in a pasture.

He has been used for extensive trail riding, checking fences, sorting cattle, moving cattle from pasture to pasture, and camping! He has been owned by a family for 3 years in CA – he gave lessons, was used for guests to ride around their ranch, and was a gelding the grandparents/kids rode. They have since then moved onto barrel horses and Shadow has zero desire to turn n burn. With being on the road with their grandkids hauling to races, Shadow sits in the pasture – this sweet gelding deserves to have another wonderful family to enjoy him!

I have had the pleasure of having Shadow in my program for the last 2 months now. During this timeframe he has received a dental, Chiropractic adjustment, and he is current on farrier/deworming. Absolutely 100% sound - this gelding has no health issues and is an easy keeper. Extremely clean legs with good feet.  Shadow is ready to be your barn favorite, just like he has been for us. Get ready to fall in love…. Located in Terrell, TX - shipping available nation-wide.

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