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18-20. 14.3H. Grade QH. Gelding.

$5,000 - SOLD

SAFE and GENTLE Palomino Family Gelding on a Budget? You need Benny!

“Benny” is a 18-20 year old 14.3H grade palomino quarter horse looking for his next family. Benny came from some very good retiree friends of mine, who are moving, and downsizing the number of animals on their ranch. Benny has been a trusty trail / ride around the farm gelding for a 70 something year old man for the last few years. This old man is not fazed by much and was a natural on our obstacle course. So willing and quiet to go over the bridges, water, logs, and sure footed down the trail. He is a super laid back, kind, and very tolerant to a riders mistake! Benny has ZERO buck/rear/bolt/spook etc. This gelding can sit all winter and come up and ride gentle like the day you left him! Benny has a super comfortable jog/lope and will go around on a loose relaxed rein. Benny can go in a bit or hackamore and will neck rein. He picks up both of his leads, stops, and guides well. His buttons are basic and user friendly for any rider to utilize. He is not going to win at any shows, but he will win your heart with his sweet personality. Benny stands tied, loads, is excellent for farrier/vet, and is easy to catch.  He has lived out in a pasture and is low man on the totem poll. He can also stall on those bad weather days without issue! Benny came from some very reputable friends of mine, and they take very good care of their horses. He has taken care of his owners for many years, and will continue to be a SAFE insurance policy for you as well. I would love to find Benny another older rider looking for a weekend trail blazer to enjoy, or a kid just getting started with horses. He could suit as a 2nd “Guest Horse” on your ranch too. Excellent family home is a must for sweet Benny! Dental float on file, current coggins, and recently trimmed (barefoot). Age has been confirmed by a vet and equine dentist. Very easy keeper out in the pasture, and is not currently on any special supplements/maintenance although could benefit from being on a senior joint supplement. If you are interested in Benny please do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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