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Apple Jacks

2014. 14H. POA (Grade). Gelding.


Apple Jacks is a one in a million pony that has the looks, brain, size, and versatility ANY mom wants for their cowgirl or cowboy. At just 8 years young, standing 14HH, this gorgeous gelding stands out in the crowd for all the good reasons. Anyone can ride Apple; he is small enough for the children to handle/ride independently yet large enough for a grown adult to hop on and enjoy around the farm. Apple is the laid-back kind, the kind that wants to hang out on a loose rein and mosey down the trail. He loves a good trail ride, and is not spooky in new environments. Apple has been used on a Ranch; checking yearlings, doctoring, sorting, and dragging calves to the branding pit. He is strong to the horn, and makes a punchy ranch hand when needed. This lil dude can go all day long, happily doing any task at hand, at any desired speed you want- but naturally has more whoa then go. He is gentle, kind, and tolerant with all the kids shenanigans. You can drag a log, flap a tarp, shoot a nerf gun off him (and probably a real one too), and carry a flag off this fella without an issue. He is unfazed by traffic, tractors, wildlife, barking dogs, and 4 wheelers. You can confidently ride him out alone, or with a group of friends without a problem. Apple will navigate over bridges, down between embankments, and over fallen logs. He has a “Courtesy Mount” installed into him, and with a few smooches he will quietly, and conveniently, side pass over to any mounting block, trailer, or stump for easy mounting. He is easy to catch, point at the trailer and he self-loads, stands tied, good for farrier/vet, etc.

Apple has a handy neck rein, rates well, good whoa, and will even collect into the bridle for the English! He rides soft in a snaffle, bosal, or a correction bit!  Apple will open and close gates on the ranch, and will pivot around as well! He certainly isn’t bothered being asked to pop over fallen logs out on the trails, so I am confident he will jump in the ring too. Apple has a very comfortable trot and canter. He has a good pace with a push style ride.  Pasture to arena/trail, ZERO lunge prep, and he undoubtedly can take a joke! Apple has been rode by children ages 7-12, as well as older adults. He is not a cheater, and tries hard to please. He has frequent off property exposure, whether that’s at different trail heads, random trips to Sonic, or playdays! He has even been used for County Calls with the Sheriff Department. This entails being loaded at 3 o clock in the morning and being used for search/rescue, or rounding up loose donkeys/cattle on the highway/county road. He has seen the flashing lights, sirens, and always remains quiet and calm with commotion/ under pressure.

Apple has a recent dental on file, a current coggins, and just had his feet trimmed. He is 100% sound, healthy, and stands barefoot. Apple is such a pleasure to have around, he turns out well with others, he is an easy keeper, and is uncomplicated to own. He is truly a babysitter for all the kids, or a steady eddie type for the older folks.  Apple is so correctly put together, with the right temperament, brain, and he definitely is easy on the eyes – we just adore him.  He is even fun for the adults to ride! I have witnessed firsthand how patient this gelding is with some of the goofiest kids, they don’t come any gentler than this guy!  Some lucky family is going to cherish him for years and years to come. Apple is the pony your kids will make all the memories with, he is one that they will beg you to let them ride to school, and have all their friends come over and have playdates with! Kids in the video are ages 7-11 for reference, and adult riders in videos range from 5'7"-6' to show how Apple's stature can support an adult. Recent dental on file, current coggins. Apple is located in Terrell, TX – shipping can absolutely be arranged anywhere in the Country. Please message for a quote today.

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