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Abigail Goodbar

AQHA. 2011. 15.1H. Mare.

$15,000 - SOLD

“Abigail Goodbar” is a gorgeous 15.1H 2011 Chestnut mare by the great stallion Zippos Mr Good Bar. Want something you can feel safe and secure on? Abigail is such a classic – with her impeccable pedigree, versatility, been-there-done-that personality, and fancy handle there is no doubt she is our barn favorite. If I am having a rough day, I know I can count on her to take me on a relaxing and stress-free trail ride! From arena to trail – this mare is super solid and reliable. Lets not forget to mention how incredibly ultra-comfy she is- talk about a Cadillac! Abigail is a very valuable asset to have in your barn – ride/show or breed her. She is surely a great investment for your family or program.

Abigail was shown by a youth rider locally and has a few AQHA points. She was shown in halter, showmanship, western pleasure, and western horsemanship. Her showmanship will need some tuning up as she hasn’t showed in that event in a few years. We even tossed an English saddle on her and she was great for an intermediate working student who catch rode her for the 1st time. She certainly would rock all the obstacle challenge events too – as she isn’t fazed by much. Point n shoot – she will take you over the bridges, logs, tunnels, through water, etc! Maybe you want to take her and show her in the ranch pleasure or ranch riding classes – we left her mane al natural for you to decide (leave it or cut it). There is no denying that this mare is incredibly versatile, good minded, quiet, and easy going. I just love her 1 hand neck rein, pitter patter jog, and her lope offs are beautiful! This mare will spin like no other and she even offered a flying lead change for us when we asked! She is truly a beautiful and broke mare – please watch the full video to fully appreciate this mare.

We took this mare into town and she really blew us away with how “unflappable” she was. Between the cars weaving in and out around her, people stopping to dote on her out their windows, and the train blaring by – she sure was a solid citizen and remained calmer than a cucumber.  She didn’t spook ONCE and showed us that even under pressure (that train was so loud it shook the ground) – this mare is truly safe and solid. She has been hauled around; ridden at covered arenas, shows, clinics, and in town/Sonic. Abigail even loves cows – she has been used to check fence lines and check the herd.  Happy to go trail riding out alone or in a group. She is never in a hurry, and certainly takes her time (walks slow- but will happily jog if you want). Absolutely zero vices; NO hump up, buck, rear, bolt, kick, bite, crib, weave, cold-back etc. Ride her once a month or 4 times a week, you won’t have any surprises.  No lunge prep – get on and go. How easy is that?!

Abigail is a real kind hearted mare, she will greet you at the gate every time! This mare is easy to catch, stands quiet for vet & farrier. She can go out with others in the pasture, and can be stalled without turning into a fire-breathing dragon (originally came from MI where turnout was limited during Winter). This mare could live at home or at a boarding barn -- as she is used to being stalled during the heat of the day. My stable hands LOVE her – she is a corner pooper and is so gentle/easy to handle.  Hops right in the trailer, stands quiet, LOVES to be groomed/cookies/attention etc. A real “personable” type of mare…. And no, she is not “marey”! The only negative thing we have notated ---she is not easy to clip and requires sedation. She can be easily handled by the tiniest of humans or the oldest of humans safely – unless they have clippers in their hand then all bets are off the table. Abigail has a current coggins on file, she recently had a dental float, dewormed, shod, etc. She is 100% sound, never injected, no leg or health issues (no injuries), easy keeper, and no maintenance.  Papers and transfer in hand. She is searching for a new partner to have fun with whether you want to solely hit the trails or putter with some local showing. Abigail is proof that you can have it all! Brains, rideability, pedigree, and versatility. Abigail is located in Terrell, TX – shipping available nation-wide.

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