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The Night Watch

2016. 15.3/16H. IDSR. Gelding.

SOLD for 25k to TN!

LB Equine Sales, LLC proudly presenting, “The Night Watch” aka Rembrandt is a gelding of his own class. A blue roan Paint X Percheron cross gelding in the prime of his life at 7 years of age. Pre-vetted, with a full detailed ownership history - this all-around gelding has been a pleasure to have in our professional program these past 8 months. Rembrandt has proven to be as versatile as they come, with a great resume behind him.  Bringing to the table desirable characteristics that you would want any gelding to have – this gelding is the complete package.  From rough country riding to having finesse in the arena - you must watch his video to fully appreciate this animal.

You certainly get the best of both worlds with the Paint X Percheron cross! Big, pretty, level - headed, structurally sound + built like a tank, well-rounded, and absolutely one of a kind. Rembrandt has dabbled in so many things from ranching out West, schooling western dressage, ranch riding, trail riding, obstacle challenges + more.  He loves to be doted on, and is sweet as can be. Always the first to greet you at the fence, Rembrandt wants to be personable/in your pocket.

Rembrandt is a lazier/push ride, but has a ton of power from his hind-end to get a job done.  He will happily move out in extension, and is always waiting on you to come right back down to a nice sitting jog. He is good with his footwork, moves off your leg, picks up his shoulders, side passes, schooling the flying change maneuver, pivots, backs, and is an incredibly good stopper for a draft cross. He will even lay some 11s in the dirt if you ask for it! He possesses great upward + downward transitions for the dressage ring, and is great across his back carrying himself around in frame. He will happily go around on a loose rein, neck reins, moves off your seat, and will go in the bridle two handed collected.  This gelding would thrive in a western dressage/classical dressage type of program – he is fancy and can really move out and cover ground. His movement is balanced and very comfortable to sit as well. In the field he is bold and brave to small jumps, and would transition into a fox hunting lifestyle with ease.

As seen on video, this gelding is no stranger to gunfire, fireworks, tarps, flags, a herd of barking corgis, lawn mowers, cattle, traffic, tractors, drones, etc. A large hawk took flight right in front of him out on the trails,  and he didn’t bat an eye. We have swung a rope off his back and drug around logs without issue! Rembrandt has seen it all – and couldn’t be bothered by any of it. He has proven himself to be a very reliable and trust-worthy mount. He has been rode all over NM, West TX, East TX, ridden in different covered arenas, obstacle courses, and we have even ridden this gelding at the Sonic drive-thru / downtown with busy traffic weaving in and out. Rembrandt is a full packed power-house of a gelding! He will suit any rider who is confident with a bigger horse underneath them. Thriving with someone who knows what they are asking, Rembrandt would walk through fire for his rider. He is a point and shoot, yes ma’am - yes sir kind of horse and a horse you can count on.

He may stick 15.3H but his muscle/substance makes you feel like you are riding 16.1H+.  Safe, gentle, would not hurt a fly, puppy-dog like personality, and a total gentleman. Same horse each time, and does not require lunge prep. Installed on him is a courtesy mount! Safely mount from any tree stump, truck tailgate, or mounting block with the raise of your hand. Quiet for the vet/farrier, loads/unloads, hauls great on the road, and is very respectful on the ground.

Rembrandt has been in our professional program for the last 8 months. During this timeframe, Remi has blossomed into such an incredible gelding. He has shown us how kind, forgiving, and patient he is. He has also shown us where he shines the most. He has truly been such an easy-going kind of guy, happy wherever we put him, willing to do whatever task we have for him that day.  He quickly settled into our program and has been a pleasure to handle/ride from day 1. Formerly, he was owned by a wonderful young lady who started him with the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals. She purchased him from his breeder when he was just 11 months old (exact birthday is 06/01/2016)! How often do you find horses with this type of consistent ownership record? During his early riding days, he was used out in New Mexico to sort/ship cattle on a large ranch. He also spent a good amount of time gathering/pushing bulls and checking fence-lines on the Mesa’s and Canyons. Rembrandt has proven himself to be very sure-footed and confident out with the livestock on the ranch. It’s not every day that these guys are built this heavy-duty, thick-boned, with excellent large feet. The old timers would say he is “built to last a lifetime” – and they would be right! She often rode Remi while she was pregnant, and when her son was born, he would get lead around on him too. After 4 wonderful years of memories together, she knew he was destined to do more. She made the heart-wrenching decision to let Remi go and make memories with another person. We are so honored to have such a nice gelding in our program, we know someone else out there is going to really enjoy what all he has to offer!

On 7/27/2023, Rembrandt was vetted at Athens Equine, by a sports medicine equine veterinarian, Dr. Todd Laughrey.  He vetted 100% sound/healthy, with no prior medical history of lameness/health issues to note. This pre-sale vet report can be available to view for serious prospective buyers. This gelding stands barefoot, but would wear a size 5 shoe if he were shod.  IDSR registration paperwork is in hand and ready to transfer into your name! He has a current coggins, teeth floated by our licensed dentist on 12/22/2022, and core vaccines administered by our vet on 04/13/2023.  Rembrandt is an easy keeper, he is laid-back, and wonderful to have in the barn or pasture. He minds his manners and gets along wonderfully with others in the pasture. He has no barn vices and is respectful in a stall as well.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know this gelding this past year, he is such a gentle giant with a huge heart. Whether this gelding goes off to a MT/WY Ranch, back to the Canyons/Mesas, enters a classy dressage program where he can live the boujie stall/pampered life, or lives right at home we are confident he will transition swiftly into your program of choice. We welcome any prospective buyer to call or come see him in person. Nation-Wide shipping can easily be arranged.   Rembrandt is located in Terrell, TX.

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