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ShotGun Blue

2010. 14.1H. APHA. Gelding.

SOLD to OK for $18,250

Winchester or affectionately known around the barn as “Winnie” is a gelding you can always feel safe and secure on. This APHA registered, 2010 model stands a very stout 14.1HH (riders in video range from 5’7”-6’2” – he has a wide stature). You do not find these steady-eddie type of geldings for sale very often as they are truly worth their weight in gold. Delta Flyer & Peppy San Badger right on his papers. This gelding is about as easy as they come!

Winnie can be enjoyed by many different riders of all ages and abilities!  He is unphazed, uncomplicated, simple to handle, and overall a great insurance policy to keep in the barn.  This is one I would personally keep around for my beginner family members & novice hubby to ride. We just came back from a weekend full of trail riding / camping 6 hours away in West TX and he did not miss a beat. He hauled fantastic, settled into his pen, and was reliable all weekend long. I originally brought him for my novice hubby to ride, but I ended up needing a super smooth/safe/easy to get on/off horse due to me carrying around 5k worth of my photography/videography gear (my precious cargo).  He did every task without question all on a loose rein, quietly crossed each creek, and went down every embankment with confidence. He always found his footing and was sure footed out on the rocky terrain. He will go out alone or in a group – you can lead the pack or fall far behind the pack (he doesn’t mind).  If you lack some confidence on the trails – he will take care of you 100%! Never a startle or spook - this guy is as “bombproof” as they can come.  No buck, rear, bolt, kick, crib, pace, etc. He stands tied, easy for farrier, loads/unloads, good ground manners and can be handled by young kids. I cannot pin a single vice on this boy.

He loves to be on a loose rein, hangs his head level with his withers, and just plugs along at whatever speed you ask. You can easily sit back and enjoy the scenery with his joy-stick handle.  We were encountered with cattle, drones, ATV’s, deer, and other wildlife on the trails – all to which he didn’t bat an eye at. Winnie carries the flag, you can ride him in and out of traffic, and he isn’t phased with tarps flapping all around him. Let me put it to you this way… from catching him in the pasture, loading up, tacking up, and hitting the trails this gelding is one of the best that I have ever had.  I can turn him out with or next to hormonal mares, other aggressive geldings, cattle, etc and he keeps the peace / ignores all the goofy shenanigans the mares try and throw his way.  Winnie is personable on the ground, he wants to be sweet and “in your pocket” and is just about as “idiot” proof as they get. On 7/4 we had 3 young boys who had never ridden a horse before come out to the Ranch to ride Winnie. These young boys were 3-8 years of age and Winnie took care of them, waiting patiently for their cues and only going their desired speed! He showed his babysitter skills and proved himself a wonderful guy to learn the ropes on.

My favorite trait about this boy (besides his fantastic temperament) is his smoothness- he has such a lovely pitter-patter jog and comfortable lope that you can ride all day long without getting sore. Winnie has a basic turn around, backs softly, knows his leads, etc. You could take him and show him at some of the open / local type ranch events no problem! Formerly this gelding was an elderly man’s fence checkin’/ & cattle countin’ horse and he knows this job well.  He can do the arena or trail blazin’ job but he does prefer the latter.

Winnie is currently barefoot with excellent feet. He has a current coggins, recent dental on file, been adjusted by the chiropractor (like all my horses receive). APHA papers in hand. This gelding sells 100% sound with no lameness/health problems. We have gone over him with a fine-tooth comb – he is ready to go on and be someone’s trusty steed just like he has been for us.

Winnie is located in Terrell, TX.

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