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Scoutin' About

2018. 14.1H. Registered Gypsy/Haflinger Cross. Gelding.

SOLD for 25k to OH!

If you love a SUPER personable horse with an honest, kind, BIG, and goofy personality…. You’ve found your horse.

“Scoutin’ About” (as if his name couldn’t fit him any better) – is a 5 year old registered Gypsy Vanner X Haflinger cross gelding standing a very sturdy 14.1H. With feathered tree trunks for legs – this guy is not lacking any bone or substance.

For all you avid trail riders out there, that love the “happy go lucky” kinda geldings out there- this one’s for you! This feather footed gelding has a heart the size of TX! Scout never says no – he is a “lets do it” kind of horse and is game for whatever obstacle, trail, job, or task you have in mind. He LOVES people & exploring new trails – and does it all with an A+ attitude!  We have had the privilege to own & enjoy sweet Scout for the last 18 months. During this timeframe we have blazed the trails together, popped him over the cross-country jumps, hauled him to different arenas, taught him a few tricks, and dabbled into just about everything you could on one. He has been shown at some local events (formerly did some intro level dressage) natural horsemanship clinics, and obstacle challenge events. We camped & rode the Caprock Canyons in West TX & have hauled him all over the woods of East TX.  In fact, we believe this gelding will thrive in a trail rider type home.  Scout does best and thoroughly enjoys being the lead horse! With his ears perked forward he sets a fantastic pace and is always “on a mission” and is ready for any trail you want to explore! Scout is sure footed on any terrain – he lacks NO confidence out on the trail – and will safely get you across any water crossing, bridge, canyon, rough terrain, embankment, or gully.  Seriously, this guy is like a mountain goat. He will pack the saddle bags – so crack open a cool one, pitch the reins away, and enjoy the ride. He has taken the trip downtown with us and handled riding in traffic with ease! We have swung a rope off him (quiet and unphased) and dragged the log around – showing excellent ranching potential. He carries the flag with honor, isn’t spooked by loud noises (you can shoot off him!), nor is he bothered by wildlife (deer commonly visit our property), dogs, tractors, atvs etc.

Scout neck reins/guides excellent on a loose rein – he has a ton of body control and will get gates, back anywhere you need him, and will easily maneuver around himself in tight spots on the trail.  He collects in the bridle, rides on a loose rein, pivots, side passes, has a flying lead change, half passes, shoulder in, haunches out, crip walk, you name it… if he can’t do it-- he will be the best student in class and will learn it. This gelding has a ton of TRY and heart! Need to pony another horse off him? No problemo! He does not get upset if another horse rides up his tail/butt! This guy handles commotion with a cool and HONEST brain and does not feed off other horses/riders energies. You can ride him backwards, bareback, double, English, or western.  He LOVES to connect with his owner & is SO smart/willing– this gelding has even started a few liberty maneuvers – side passes to mounting block, smiles, lays down etc. Would finish out to a brilliant trick horse! Total extrovert of a gelding, never met a stranger, never traveled a lonely road kinda guy. If horses are your therapy – ole Scoutakiss will ALWAYS put a smile on your face!

Scout boasts a HUGE character – he is known for his smiles, cuteness, and goofy facial expressions. He poses, yes he POSES for the camera…. As if he knows how handsome he is. He knows how to turn the barn lights on/off and will play with the zipper on your jacket. He channels his inner sea horse while playing with the water-hose, and provides everyone in the barn with free entertainment. Wonder where he got his name from? I’ll tell ya. He used to frequently visit the neighbors – would walk on their concreted porch and eat their bird seed- and I would get that call “your feathered horse is over here again” – so pro tip: if you don’t check the latches on gates, he certainly will for ya! Lesson learned…. Lol. You can catch him in the pasture flipping his jolly ball up in the air a million times OR taking a mid-day splash in the pond. He does not lack a single ounce of personality (& the hair is just extra 😉). Never bucked or reared a day in his life – and he minds his manners on the ground. Scout loads with ease, travels on the road good, stands tied, quiet for mounting/dismounting and is excellent for farrier/vet, bathes, clips, does great in a herd, you get the point…he does all the things like good horses do.  This gelding is SMART and he does not have a single malicious bone in his body. He offers a very therapeutic vibe/energy to anyone who interacts with him. I would love for Scout to find his way into someone’s family that is looking to make the best memories and enjoy every bit of what life has to offer.

Scout has never taken a lame step, always 110% sound. He has big black strong hooves (has always been barefoot). There is not a single blemish on this guy – he is clean legged with no scars. He is UTD on shots, coggins, dental, chiro care, and barefoot trimming. Happy to release records to any interested party. I know his prior history regarding where he came from, who had him, etc if that kind of information is important for you to know! This is truly such a fantastic,  SAFE gelding all the way around and someone is going to really enjoy him – we are certainly going to miss this sweet little booger in the barn! You will NOT find another gelding with his personality, handle, excessive whimsical feather/hair, or brain! So who is ready to have some fun with quite arguably the most adventurous, sweetest, and funniest gelding out there?!

PPE’s welcome at buyers expense. You can contact Lily for any additional questions: 214-449-8028 or visit our website for additional photos/videos:

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