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Pot Of Gold Curly Sue

2015. Registered Gypsy Vanner/ PtHA. 15h+. Mare.

$12,000 - SOLD TO WI!

“Susie” is an exquisite double registered Gypsy Vanner who is straight out of a fairy tale. She has a thick tail that drags a foot behind her, the classic full feather, and a beautiful lush long mane. She is a very feminine horse; in her baby doll face, kind eyes, and personality. Conformationally very correct with big hooves, thick legs, strong hindquarters, and a beautiful arched crown neck.

This young mare has style, presence, cadence, and is just absolutely beautiful to watch go around. She spent 6 months with a professional trainer being started under saddle and has an excellent foundation. Susie rides around in a simple snaffle and is soft and responsive in your hand. She will collect, pick up the correct leads, understands how to move her shoulders/hips, and will side pass. Currently being rode under Dressage tack and will carry a western saddle as well. With three well balanced and comfortable gaits she would make a superb western dressage, classical dressage, or ranch riding horse. Susie has already begun her show endeavors, and was shown at Pinto World Championship's last Summer. She pinned 3rd and won Reserve in Halter classes.  

Susie is beginning to be a great trail blazer outside the arena! She will navigate over logs, through creeks, over bridges, through strange objects etc. One can appreciate how willing, good minded, and absolutely gentle these Gypsy horses are! In the video we played around with the tarp, umbrella, flag, and she was excellent (with no prior desensitizing)! We have ridden her bareback all over the property, and she is just like taking your golden retriever on a stroll through the park.

I would love to see her go off to a show home whether that be to drive or ride. Susie has really shown us that with some more time and training she would make a wonderful family/beginner horse. She is user friendly and can be easily gotten along with by most riders. She has such a good mind, but alike most 4 year old’s, is still green. Susie is strikingly intelligent, alert, and is very in your back pocket.

She has never offered to buck, rear, bolt, kick, bite etc. PSSM N/P1. Absolutely no bad vices in the barn. She has never taken a lame step, very sound barefoot. When she sees someone at her pasture gate she comes trotting over and is ready to please. She is a happy horse, a total lover, and enjoys her people. UTD on vaccines, coggins, dental etc. Working with her has been a pleasure, and I hope to find her a home that will appreciate her as much as we have.


Susie is located in Terrell TX. We can help with the coordination of affordable nationwide shipping.  


Please direct serious inquires to Lily Bragg, 214-449-8028.

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