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Investors Gold Mine

2009. 15H. AQHA. Mare.

$18,500 - SOLD

“Dolly” is the queen of versatility & safety. We absolutely ADORE this mare, and we know you will too. She is THE barn favorite, and once you watch her video you will see why!  Right in the prime of her life at 14 years of age, this mare has an impressive resume behind her.  Standing 15HH this GOLDEN AQHA palomino mare is just ideal!  Beautiful to boot, comfortable to ride, easy to operate, and just a joy all the way around. From arena to trails, to packing the kids around the farm - this one is worth her weight in gold.  Youth + Grannie SAFE!

Dolly takes everything in stride, never worrying or looking to spook.  She has a great “been there done that” type of aura, and a wonderful disposition anyone can get along with.  If you need a gentle confidence booster that is comfortable to ride, quiet minded, and has more whoa then go, then you need this gal in your barn!  Finished in showmanship, this mare is a machine and knows her maneuvers well. She can strut out for the ranch pleasure or HUS classes AND will easily come right back to you off your seat or vocal cue.  Dolly prefers to take it slow, she is only going to give you what you ask. She will jog around on a 5 foot draped rein all day long comfortably. She will stop on a dime, back soft, and will pick up both leads with ease. Dolly has been used to push cattle, sort, and ship cattle on the ranch. She has extensive trail miles under her belt, you can ride her out alone or with a group safely. She doesn’t mind falling behind in the pack and will lead the group bravely when asked. Dolly never hesitates when being asked to step over logs, through water, or over bridges. When the occasional deer pops out of the woods – no worries there too. This gal has been seasoned quite a bit off property including: riding in the annual Houston Parade downtown, local covered arenas, trail outtings, horse shows and more. She is just a dream to haul + take off property! Dolly requires NO lunge prep. She is honest and kind EVEN with time off! She will ride the same whether you ride her once a week or once every few months.


Dolly is a sweet girl, she loves affection, and is easy to catch in a pasture. She can be stalled or pastured and does not care if she is by herself or turned out with friends.  She has no vices / bad habits, in fact, Dolly is very respectful on the ground. She loads, ties, stand quietly for mounting, puts her head down low for bridling/haltering, excellent for farrier, and enjoys being doted on!  Whether you are looking for a local/4H type horse for your child, or are a rancher looking for a trusty mount for your wife to ride out with you, simply just want an enjoyable horse to ride in your retirement years…. Dolly is your girl. I believe this mare would make a wonderful broodmare as well; she has the conformation, quality movement, brain, and a great pedigree to pass down to her offspring! We have had Dolly in our program for 4 months now and she has proven her reliability time and time again.


Dolly sells pre-vetted with a statement on file, 100% sound in every way. Dolly recently had a dental, chiro adjustment, UTD on shoeing, de-worming and all over care. It appears that she has a few dapples peeking out of her coat as well!  Dolly is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state.

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