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Happy Daisy

2014. 15H. AQHA. Mare.

$15,000 - SOLD to a repeat client in MD!

“Happy Daisy” is just that – a sweet, personable, and beautiful 2014, 15H, palomino mare! She is AQHA registered with Shining Spark, Toast To Dash, and Mr. Jess Perry on her papers. If you like a real personable, “in your pocket”, been there done that mare – Daisy will make your day! She loves attention, will greet you at the gate for cookies, and enjoys being groomed.  Daisy is incredibly seasoned, she is confident, knows her job, and is the same horse whether you ride her once a day or once a year.

Absolutely NO cold back, buck, rear, bolt, etc.  I can confidently say I would place any aged rider on her back, whether you are going down the trail or riding in the arena.  She offers a very smooth ride – with an adjustable jog, ground covering extended trot, as well as a lovely canter. Truly, she offers smooth and comfortable gaits for everyone to enjoy. Outside the arena, she crosses water, navigates over bridges, is careful with her foot placement over uneven ground, fine with tractors/ATVs, rides in parades/traffic, and is accustomed to cattle etc.

Daisy is easy to get up and go, but she is not too quick /fancy for a beginner rider to get into trouble. Her buttons are basic and simple to navigate.  She is right in between being lazy (think push-kick-push-kick ride) and an ultra-sensitive gas pedal (think leaving you behind/ water skiing behind the reins) type of ride. Daisy has partaken in grand entry where she carried a flag infront of a large crowd with loud music. In a rodeo/grand entry type setting she turns on her motor and can get on muscle/ready to go, but will come right back to you when asked.

Daisy is quiet/tolerant enough to give lessons. She is cute as a button in English tack, and will pop over small jumps. What I can appreciate most about this mare is how soft and supple she is in her face/body.  She is easy to frame up on the lightest contact. You can ride her 1 handed on a loose rein down the trail alone or in a group. She is not a “witchy/mean” mare – so no worries if another horse rams up her rearend on the trail! If something pops out in front of her out on the trail, which is a rare occurrence, she startles/spooks in place and carries on like nothing happened. She originally came from a family in Louisiana where their novice kids trail rode her all over their ranch – proving herself reliable over several years.

She is easy to catch, loads, ties, bathes, picks up her feet, and is easy to tack up. She puts her nose to the floor when putting on her bridle, perfect for a shorter adult or child to tack up independently. Daisy stands like a statue when mounting and waits to move forward. She is willing to please you and has a great brain. Only vice I will notate is she will paw at the ground when tied/left unattended. She also loves to scratch her head on your hand (as seen on video). Turned out, I would consider her lower on the totem pole with others, as she gets pushed around here.

I could see her fitting a multitude of people. She would be a safe and smart investment for an older lady looking for a simple trail mount. She could ease into another family dynamic with kids. She could go on and do western/English lessons for a program. Or, slide right into a low level dressage home for those riders that don’t have a huge Warmblood type budget. She could even be shown locally, or go off to be a queening/grand entry horse again. With her diverse background, kind personality, honest demeanor, she can really do it all. With no tricks up her sleeves, this one makes for a reliable ride each time.

Daisy is barefoot, 100% sound, she has never been injected, and is an easy keeper.  Current dental float on file, recently chiropracted, current coggins, and trim. She is ready for a big red bow under your Christmas tree this season!

Located in Terrell, TX. We can coordinate shipping to any state.

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