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Dry Docs Zan Za Bar

2015. 14.2H. AQHA. Gelding.

$20,000 - SOLD to a repeat client!

It’s easy to own such a beautiful gelding like Doc.  His papers, honest disposition, and versatility speaks for itself.  His handsome looks are just the cherry on top. With an AQHA pedigree including Zan Parr Bar, Dry Glo, Dry Doc, and Peponita, this well-bred gelding falls nothing short of athletic. From his exceptional useability on the ranch, extreme cow-sense, reliability down the trail, and adjustable handle in the arena –  he is ready for any job you have in mind.

Standing 14.2H – this 2015 gelding is just the right size. Shape-y, cute, and a great mover. Doc has a great work ethic and is ready to please his rider. He has a huge heart, a ton of try, and never says no. He is catty on a cow, quick footed, and can really get around himself to get any job done. Doc works a gate, side passes, pivots, and can go in a ported bridle, bosal, or snaffle. Doc has a great brain, he hunts his stops, rates off your seat, has a ton of feel in his face/sides, and is super adjustable in his stride. Ask for a slow jog – or move him into a great ground covering extended trot. Doc’s lope is equally as comfortable and easy to sit too, almost like a rocking chair.  He is sensible, kind, and absolutely has no buck/rear/bolt/spook etc.  

Doc has seen a ton of “stuff” and that “stuff” does not faze him one bit. 4 wheelers, tractors, deer, cattle, drones, a herd full of corgis, traffic, tarps, flags, gunfire, etc. Doc cruised through my obstacle course with ease on the first try. He loves to ride through the pond and stays honest when loping through a big open field. Bridges, fallen logs, big gullies?! No problem for Doc – he uses his brain and is careful with his feet. He enjoys riding out on a loose rein and is very confident going down the trail. Doc is as seasoned as they come, but is not quite a “dead-head plug” – he would best appreciated by a rider that likes a bit of a step-up type horse. Doc is soft, supple, and in tune with a riders seat/aids, given this, we are looking for an educated rider with a good seat/aids (no newbie riders please). Truly, Doc is such a fun and level headed guy – he has never done anything naughty. Doc gives A+ effort each and every trip, absolutely NO cold back nonsense with this guy (and yes, we have let him sit to test the theory). I have personally hauled this gelding out on Thursday night roping practice on a brisk 45-degree night and worked the back alley moving the roping steers. He never gets hot or worried moving the cows back and forth. He loads, stands tied, hauls/settles into new places easily, quiet for mounting, easy to catch, respectful in a stall and turns out well with others.  Doc has been in our program since August, he was formerly an older women’s pleasure/trail mount. He never took one wrong step with her.  

I see Doc thriving in a multitude of homes. He would make a brilliant western dressage mount, performance type horse, heel/breakaway, sorting, SHOT, obstacle challenge, ranch using or trail horse.  Whatever you have in mind, he is going to do it with ears perked forward and a huge willing heart.

Doc is 100% sound barefoot. He has been pre – vetted, you can buy with confidence in mind. Doc recently had his teeth floated, and is UTD on coggins/farrier/ etc.  He is clean legged with great feet (black hooves).  AQHA papers/transfer in hand.  If you are looking for an enjoyable, honest, and SAFE gelding – put this one on your radar. Doc is a good one.  Located in Terrell, TX – shipping can be coordinated to any location.

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