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2010. 15.3H. APHA/PtHA. Gelding.

$15,000 - SOLD

Bet On The Bling

“Stetson” is the biggest sweetie-pie, that will do absolutely anything for his rider. He is a go with the flow, good-minded, super fun, personable, puppy-dog like gelding.  I could go on and on about how funny this guy is – he truly is a character in himself with the coolest personality!! Imagine the class clown in the 8th grade, yup, that’s Stetson- always making goofy faces, turning on barn lights, sticking his tongue out at other horses, playing with the water faucet, and playing around! The biggest extrovert, never met a stranger, happy-go-lucky, never had a bad day kinda dude! There certainly is nothing BORING about this guy; his color, personality, and resume tells the tale. He stands right at 15.3HH, just a smidge under 16HH, was born in 2010, and has TWO sets of papers (APHA/PtHA)!  He is by a Masked Asset, who needs no introduction,  and is out of “Intentions” an Oregon Triple Crown Futurity Champion, Earnings over $10,000; PtHA Performance producer, Top 10 APHA Congress producer! The pedigree doesn’t get any better then that.


This is the type of gelding everyone wants, and they always sell out quick! Stetson was bred, raised, and shown by McFarland Farms as a baby. He was successful in the ring as a Walk/Trot, Showmanship, HUS, and Trail horse. Stetson since then has been a fantastic family/trail/ranch gelding for many years. He has gone through the Clinton Anderson fundamentals and has great ground manners. There isn’t anything this gelding can’t do; he rides English, Western, pops over small fences, liberty work, checks fences/cattle, carries the Flag, Trail Rides, rides bareback, HUSBAND/ BEER drinking trail safe (Tested and 100% approved!), giving lessons to an 11-year-old, 4-H all around, etc!  Stetson is a water-horse, he loves to swim and have fun in the pond! He will trek through any terrain confidently on a loose rein. Gullies, ravines, crossing water, bridges, navigating over logs, and under tunnels is not a problem for him. He rides safely in traffic, around 4 wheelers, tractors, and will cross sidewalks/ step over concrete steps with ease.  He has even had a rope thrown off him a time or two! Stetson is NOT spooky/watchy, he has passed our extensive evaluation 100% with flying colors. He isn’t a lazy plug that you have to keep kicking to go, but he isn’t a speed demon either – very happy medium between the two. If you ask him to go, he will go, you ask him to stop, he will stop. He has no vices, and has not offered to bolt, rear, buck, etc! He stands tied, easy for vet/farrier, walks straight over to you in the pasture, super gentle, kind, quiet, and overall, just easy going.  Stetson has the funniest little whinny when you are feeding, it’s the cutest thing in the World! I think it’s his pathetic way of saying “come over here and pet me…then feed me” LOL!

Stetson has a ton of fancy buttons, but is not overly complicated for someone to get in trouble with. He is trained on voice command, works off your leg, has a good neck rein, soft in the bridle, collects, pivots, side passes, works a gate, fantastic stop, and has a flying lead change!  Stetson is a showmanship machine and is super fun with patterns! He will pop over small logs/cross rails too! You can hop on him in the pasture and ride him up to the barn bareback in a halter without a worry and then cinch him up and ride off easy. He really has had the best of both worlds and has seen the aspect of the show world & then lived a ranch horse lifestyle out in a herd.  He is suitable for a youth or amateur that wants to have fun and play around at the local shows.

So here you have it, a fun gelding with a great brain that can do a bit of everything. I can put just about anyone on, and not worry a bit. Stetson isn’t looking to outsmart or take advantage of you; he is just going to do his job.  My husband has gone on numerous trail rides on him, with his saddle pack full of beer – and he has begged me to keep this guy in the keep pen. He wanted to know what it was like to ride in my English saddle (bless his heart, the saddle was WAY too small for him) & poor Stetson just packed him around! We have hauled him to numerous arenas, town/Sonic, and he loads and travels with ease. Good boy wherever you take him!

Stetson has a current coggins, just had his teeth floated by my licensed/certified dentist, massaged/ adjusted by my chiropractor 5/18, and current on farrier. He can go barefoot, and was barefoot for many years, but is currently shod.  Stetson is sound, no known health issues, no history of colic, NO navicular/ laminitis/founder issues, and requires no special maintenance! He has been very well cared for, and pampered. Can be stalled or be turned out with others. Tons of videos/photos of this guy – please check them out!

It was a VERY difficult decision to let this boy go, but with a baby on the way (not me!) – he deserves a new person/family to give him attention. This gelding has not been passed around, he is legit, up to date on all his care, and is ready to find his next family to cherish him for the years to come.  Stetson is located in Terrell, TX. Affordable shipping can be arranged anywhere in the Country.

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