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A Bonafide Chip

2010. 15.3H AQHA. Gelding.

$13,500 - SOLD

A classic chestnut gelding that is a dream to ride with a big expressive personality! This guy is just lovely!

"Beau” is a beautiful gelding standing 15.3HH. This AQHA registered 2010 gelding is the epitome of versatility. With Zips Chocolate Chip, Dress Western, Invitation Only on his papers you just know this guy is bred the very best.

Beau is one attractive all-around riding mount; from western dressage, to ranch pleasure, he can even dabble into some low-level dressage too. He is incredibly soft/broke with an honest demeanor. He has not offered to buck, rear, bolt, etc and has proven himself very reliable day in and day out. Even with time off, Beau has never once offered anything naughty.  He cruises thru our entire obstacle course with ease and loves going through the water/pond out on the trail. Beau offers a lovely pitter-patter jog, and can really move out into a great extended trot too. His transition to canter is just effortless and beautiful. Not to mention, his canter is just so comfortable! He rates off your seat, and has a great flying change (needs polishing to be show ready), he will pivot, back, side pass, and work a gate.  Beau wants to please you – he has a HUGE heart and a ton of try and never says "no"! Beau is the bestest of boys, and does not have a mean bone in his body. He has a great attitude and always has his ears perked forward.

This gelding is B-R-O-K-E. He will ride one handed in a full bridle, bitless in a bosal, as well as 2 handed in a snaffle bit. He is soft in his aids and well attuned to his riders’ body. Beau appreciates a well-educated rider, given this, he would not suit a total beginner or kiddo ripping and roaring all over him. An intermediate youth would adore this guy – or even an older adult amateur that appreciates a horse with buttons.  Probably not the horse that you are going to be roping off anytime soon, but he has seen cattle/ridden in a field with them. You can ride him bareback and he will even carry a flag! He looks to his rider for assurance in unfamiliar type settings outside of the arena so a nervous rider will not be a good fit for him. We rode him downtown with traffic and motorcycles blaring past him with no issues whatsoever.

Beau is a social guy. He really enjoys being turned out with friends. He is playful in the pasture with others and never malicious towards his pasture mates.  He will stall in inclement weather, and has no stall vices (crib,weave,pace) but definitely prefers to be outside. He loves wearing his blanket, and will even lower his head and allow you to pull it over his neck. He wears a size 78-80”.  Beau does fantastic in the extreme heat/cold, he sweats good in the Summer, and does not have any sensitivity to flies/bugs.  Beau will greet you at the gate and will shove his head into his halter, he stands tied to be groomed/saddled, quiet for mounting, easy to bridle, picks up his feet, clips, bathes, loads /unloads off a trailer, and is excellent for farrier/vet.


It is important to note that his AQHA papers/transfer are not in hand, and will not be produced for this sale. His papers have been lost in prior ownership, and the last recorded owner according to AQHA records is his breeder who unfortunately is now deceased.  You are welcome to jump thru the hoops like a circus monkey in efforts to obtain a duplicate copy. I have already tried, to no avail. May the odds be in your favor.  He will however, sell with a photocopy of his pedigree/AQHA registered name and proof of his HYPP N/N status.

Beau has been adjusted by our chiropractor, his teeth were floated by our licensed dentist in August, and he has a current coggins. Beau is UTD on farrier work and is currently shod in a regular steel shoe but can go barefoot as well (which he was for several years before entering into my program). He has great feet and has never been injected/ is not receiving any supplemental maintenance. He has had zero health/soundness issues while being in my program, and is very clean legged (no blemishes or past injuries). He was formerly owned by a natural horsemanship/dressage enthusiast for a few years prior to coming into my program this past June. He certainly has had the utmost care.  Truly he is such a sweet & honest guy. Beau is an absolute gentleman, and a fun horse to ride. Happy to answer any questions that are not already answered in this ad.

 Beau is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be coordinated to any location.

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